Education Catering Support...

We provide a range of services which complement the activity of our clients who need to access executive management services for their catering operation.

Education Catering Support Services provides advice, support and guidance to leadership teams, Governors, caterers and school food industry colleagues. We recognise that a number of establishments have limited or no dedicated access to executive management support for their catering operation.

Clients can access services which will help them review and resolve the issues that they have with the catering operation in their educational establishment. The support that is provided is tailored to suit the needs of the client and can range from one days dedicated support to an annual contract where a client buys a number of days support which is spread across the academic year.
All services are guaranteed to make a positive difference to your business.

Please read the testimonies below to see what clients say about the service that they have received.

Please call Karen if you wish to discuss your challenge and find solutions for your service. There is no charge for your inital factfinding discussion.